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KPS Insurance Services, Inc. a leading construction brokerage headquartered in San Diego, California is proud to announce that their proprietary software – Contractors Performance Review (CPR) is now available on-line.

While KPS will continue to send out their yearly operational comparison reports clients can now go on-line and run reports any time.  In addition the system is now customizable so clients can run reports to cover different time frames with essentially no limitations.  Logging into CPR is as easy as visiting www.KPSbond.com and clicking on the client login.  KPS Insurance Services, Inc. will be contacting clients and providing unique login and password credentials.


Contractors Performance Review (CPR) is designed to give back to our clients.  During the bonding process the surety industry collects a significant amount of financial data from contractors and rarely do sureties provide feedback on this information.  Outside of the traditional yearend financial meeting where the surety asks questions about financial data or job performance what else do they share with you regarding your financial data?  Usually nothing and CPR is designed to change that dynamic.

CPR collects the financial data provided by our clients and trends that data over time.  CPR can then run reports on profitability, liquidity, debt leverage, and various other ratios and trends.  This data is then provided to our clients in the form of a report explaining the ratio, formula, and how the surety industry generally looks at the data.

CPR will continue to evolve with new financial and backlog reports anticipated to come on line in 2020.  This will include trending job performance over time as well as reports related specifically to open and closed project data.

If you are not a client and would like to see how the system works please reach out to KPS Insurance Services, Inc. and we will provide temporary credentials to a sample client.