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Contractors Performance Review

KPS developed a proprietary program called Contractors Performance Review (CPR). This program is designed to give back to our clients.  During the bonding process the surety industry collects a significant amount of financial data from contractors and rarely do sureties provide any feedback on this information.  Outside of the yearend financial meeting where the surety just asks questions about financial transactions or job performance what else do they share with you regarding your financial data?  Usually nothing.  CPR is designed to change that dynamic.

CPR collects the financial data provided by our clients and trends that data over time.  CPR can then run reports on profitability, liquidity, leverage, and various other ratios and trends.  In addition, the program trends financials and shows how that looks from a CPA perspective as well as how the surety industry analyzes those financials.

This data is then provided to our clients in the form of a report as often as requested but at a minimum yearly.  Most clients find this information informative and valuable to their overall business risk management process and long-term planning.

Example of Contractors Performance Review (CPR)